Camera Skills

We will go over the equipment best suited for milky way photography. 


How you go about the setup of your camera in manual mode and ideal settings to start capturing the night sky in Stewart Island. 


Ideally you would have a fast wide angle lens, tripod and remote release, but you can use the cameras self timer, we will show you all that and how to get critical focus on the stars.

Night Sky Photography

If we have clear skies, you will see the stars twinkle because of the lack of pollution on Rakiura.


The milky way will glow, we will point out the Galactic Kiwi and the Emu, which can be seen with the naked eye on a clear starry night.

Stewart Island / Rakiura (New Zealand) is one of 7 Certified IDA International Dark Sky Sanctuaries in the world, along with Aotea / Great Barrier Island (New Zealand)  

Seafarers Holiday house

Come and stay in a fully furnished house where you can take in the very best views of the night sky anywhere in the world.

A bonus would be to also capture the southern Aurora Australis, should there be action and clear skies at the time.

Seafarers Holiday House.  $170 a night for 2, add on a Star Gazing session for a complete appreciation of our Dark Sky in Rakiura

2 hr | $75
1 hr | $70.00
2 nights | $340.00
Add a star Gazing Session $75 per person, Children $30

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